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Maupin Financial Advisors recognizes that the foundation of a plan - investment strategy, tax strategy, retirement planning, and estate planning must be properly set to support each other.

Income and Investment Planning

Our approach, where applicable, balances your need for immediate income with longer-term goals for asset accumulation.

Risk Management

Protecting your home, health, family, and assets are a critical part of life planning.  We help you manage risk by determining the appropriate amount of insurance coverage needed in a variety of areas including life insurance and long-term care. 

Tax Planning

Most financial and critical decisions involve careful tax planning.  We can work closely with your tax advisor to minimize tax liabilities at all stages of your life.  We also monitor your evolving tax circumstances and adjust your portfolio accordingly in order to minimize the ongoing tax consequences wherever feasible.

Retirement Planning

We believe retirement planning is a crucial element of financial planning, consisting of planning both before and during retirement to pursue and maintain financial independence in the manner you wish.

Estate Planning

In estate planning, we work with your estate attorney to help you establish and maintain mechanisms to facilitate the efficient transfer of wealth.  We will also work to minimize taxes and maximize the benefits of your legacy. 

Additional Guidance

Tax-efficient investing, including putting the appropriate types of investments in taxable vs. tax-deferred accounts.  Avoiding unproductive activities like market timing, chasing fad investments, or concentrated stock positions.