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Tyler Sherwin


 Tyler Sherwin is a LPL financial advisor and classically trained violinist. His   passion for finding creative solutions has been a vital part of our operations  since joining Maupin Financial Advisors in 2018.


 Tyler graduated from Walla Walla University with a degree in Business   Administration and a concentration in Finance. Since then he has honed his   client service and financial planning skills across a variety of teams in   Washington and California. As a licensed financial advisor, he provides a  framework for investing that keeps clients on track to reach their goals. Tyler works with a variety of  clients, including musicians, non-profits, and high net worth families.


As a Redlands native, Tyler grew up immersed in the music programs at the University of Redlands, attending Summer music camps and working his way up to concertmaster of the Youth Symphony. After graduating high school, Tyler attended Walla Walla University in Washington state, continuing to play in orchestra at the university level while teaching violin lessons to underprivileged youth. Tyler continues his passion for music as a member of the Redlands Community Orchestra.


Tyler and his wife Trinity live in downtown Redlands, a few blocks from where they got married. Together they enjoy tennis, music, and playing with their two cats, Piper and Maisey.